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The 2nd Annual Consortium on Litigation, Information Law & eDiscovery

June 11 - June 11

Organizer: Electronic Discovery Institute and West LegalEdcenter
Address: Multiple Event Sites in New York, NY, San Jose, CA & Washington, DC
Phone: 1-800-308-1700     Email: info@ediscoveryinstitute.org


Corporate Attendee: $395

Law Firm Attendee: $1,295 

Consultant: $5,000

For registration and sponsorship information please contact:

Rob Hafiz 651.848.7609 | rob.hafiz@thomsonreuters.com

Join 200 of the nation’s foremost experts in law and technology for an exclusive cross-continental engagement. A simultaneous live event in three of the nation’s largest markets connected electronically through Cisco’s telepresence technology giving participants in all three cities the opportunity to engage in a national conversation on these important issues.

What is Cisco Telepresence Technology?

The future. Event technology on the razor’s edge. A rich, lifelike, virtual meeting that feels like your colleagues are actually in the room with you. Telepresence is an experience that will make you realize wobbly webcams, crowded flights, and distracting conference calls are things of the past.

Why Participate?

This is the only event in the country about law and technology using the most advanced and cutting edge conference technology available. It’s not just another trade show, conference or event. It’s an opportunity to participate, to speak to and interact with experts and peers from other parts of the country you might normally not have the chance to meet.

What is the Consortium?

This exclusive leadership event represents an amazing swath of global 500 organizations facing large scale information governance, cutting edge litigation issues,and big data problems. From electronic discovery in complex litigation to global privacy laws, the topics discussed at this gathering of experienced authorities were selected to help corporate practitioners identify and set priorities for their organization.