The eDiscovery Institute (EDI) and the signatories below are committed to fostering diversity in the electronic discovery industry. Diversity is an inclusive concept and encompasses race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, age, physical or medical condition, military and veteran status, marital and familial status, and sexual orientation. With greater diversity, we can be more effective, creative and just by bringing more varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents and interests to the service of our clients. We recognize that to fully and equitably support the pursuit of justice, the electronic discovery industry must reflect the full spectrum of America. A diverse group of talented professionals is critically important to the success of every corporate legal department, law firm, government legal department, consulting firm and vendor. 

We pledge to increase the diversity in our hiring, retention and promotion of professionals and in the elevation of professionals to leadership positions within our respective organizations. We will consider and give weight to the diversity performance of service providers when selecting the service providers with which we will do business. We further intend to end or limit our relationships with service providers whose performance consistently evidences a lack of meaningful commitment to diversity.

We believe that all members of the electronic discovery industry should have the opportunity to participate equally and fully.

We agree to participate in EDI programs and efforts designed to further the goals of this diversity statement and call to action.


EDI’s Mentorship Program will provide mentees with an opportunity to gain insight from experienced attorneys, technology specialists and other eDiscovery professionals, and is designed to foster career development, cultivate a growth mindset, and increase collaboration and communication through expanding networks and sharing knowledge. The Mentorship Program will help build up the talent of the next generation of eDiscovery industry leaders, while attempting to provide opportunities not previously available to the mentees.

A pool of mentors and mentees will be identified by the EDI Diversity Committee through the utilization of volunteers and referrals from the EDI Community, in addition to other professionals who work for the same organizations.

To apply to become a Mentor or Mentee, please fill out the application below. An EDI representative will review your application and contact you with further instructions.

For more information on the Mentorship Program, please review the Charter document below, which includes a program overview and complete Mentor/Mentee obligations and requirements.

If you have questions, contact


The EDI Diversity Initiative has developed and released a series of questions aimed to assist clients entering the eDiscovery RFP process with prospective service providers. The questions are intended to shape the conversation regarding diversity within an organization and ensure that any potential candidates prioritize the advancement of diverse viewpoints in accordance with the goals set out upon by the EDI Diversity Initiative and its signatory organizations. 

The questions were developed by the EDI Diversity Committee in collaboration with, among other people:  Amy Sellars, Associate General Counsel at Walmart; Katisha Fortune, Senior Associate Counsel at Walmart; and Moira Cochran, Litigation and eDiscovery Specialist at Volkswagen.  The group drew from their diverse professional backgrounds to construct a relevant and effective series of questions designed to determine whether a prospective service provider prioritizes diversity and inclusiveness in their organizational structure and business dealings.

 The non-profit also intends to distribute the questions to all members and participating organizations within its constituency.  As more organizations sign the Diversity Pledge, EDI hopes that the influence of this initiative can expand beyond just the pledge signatories. The more organizations that utilize questions such as these to conduct future relationships, the greater the reach of the EDI Diversity Initiative can be.

Download a copy of the questions by clicking the button below!