Membership in the Electronic Discovery Institute is open to corporate counsel, private practitioners, judges, professors of law and science, consultants, technologists and experts of law. Members come from corporations, law firms, universities, colleges, professional schools, government, industry, and public and private research institutions. EDI also offers corporate membership to companies that support the purposes of the Institute. All EDI memberships are on a calendar year, from January to December.

The EDI Annual Membership Program is the ultimate tool for practitioners to stay consistently engaged with the EDI community. The subscription package will offer an annual, flat-fee membership that provides access to EDI’s robust research initiatives, publications, educational opportunities and networking events. Stay up-to-date via quarterly newsletters, curated articles from industry thought leaders and receive hard copies of all new EDI publications, including the landmark Judges’ Guide to Discovery and Spoliation. 

As EDI’s mission continues to grow and its impact expands, the EDI Annual Membership Program provides exclusive access and enticing benefits to any legal technology practitioner seeking to engage with the EDI constituency year-round.

Annual Cost: $199 per member

Membership Benefits: 

Receive complimentary hard copies of all EDI Publications throughout the year

The Quarterly Newsletter

Early access to Summit registration details

Event Discounts

*Membership included with event sponsorship packages

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