The Federal Judges' Guide to Discovery (Paperback Copy)


The Federal Judges' Guide to Discovery (Paperback Copy)


What are the most typical problems judges and lawyers face in lawsuits in a data-driven and globalized economy? How have the courts resolved these problems, and how much success have they had?  Are there best practices that have actually resolved eDiscovery disputes efficiently and cheaply? This guide will address the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (effective December 1, 2015) to provide a basic introduction from a sophisticated perspective to equip the jurist and the practitioner alike with sufficient knowledge to deal with the technological change that will impact litigation in ways we cannot even imagine. 

Product Details:

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-58788-1
Publisher: The Electronic Discovery Institute
Publication Date: 12/2015
Pages: 117
Product Dimensions: 6x9

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